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Rabu, 28 November 2012
kali ini aku bakalan posting tentang salah satu tugas aku nih di sekolah ( SMAN 8 Tangerang ). Aku dapet tugas untuk nyeritain unforgotable experience. check this out yoooo....

     At that time, when i was Junior High School. I followed the event of Scouting. It was called "JamCab". I followed it with my new friends from other school. In this event, I studied and played. I studied about how to follow the organization, how to cook, etc. In spare time, I played outbond like pipe with hole, flying fox, walking on the rope, etc. I had many friends and i had to get sign for them. It felt so short after we passed the all events. I thought it could be longer. but we had to separate. I hoped we could meet again in the next Scouting event.

Nah itu tadi pengalaman yang gak aku lupain. selamat membaca yaaaahh..

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